The Clarendon Hills Park District and Pizzo & Associates have been working together to evaluate the existing wetland area located on the west end of Hosek Park. We’ve created a Natural Restoration Plan Design which will increase the overall quality of the site. This plan will also solve an ongoing maintenance issue of mowing the turf area which is consistently wet. Currently, the wetland consists of a mix of native sedges combined with non-native turf grasses and broadleaf weeds. The site is mowed on a regular basis and managed as a typical turf area. The Natural Restoration Plan Design will involve eliminating the non-native vegetation and planting high-quality native seed mixes along with a selection of live native plugs throughout the wetland. This will increase species diversity and add seasonal color with a dense mix of native wildflowers. The restoration planting will be installed in phases over the course of three years beginning in the Spring of 2021.

There are many environmental and aesthetic benefits of native restoration, including stormwater filtration and absorption through the deep root system of native plants. Native plantings also provide much needed habitat and are a food source for local wildlife. Native restorations offer beautiful views of wildflowers and allow people to experience nature within the built environment. The restoration planting will also solve the continuing maintenance problem of the Clarendon Hills Park District by eliminating the need for regular turf mowing throughout the saturated soil of the wetland.  

If you should have any questions regarding this project, please contact the Superintendent of Parks, Mike Fletcher, at 630-323-2626.