Something For Everyone!

Lions Park Pool is a summer spot to be! A variety of swim lessons, diving lessons, summer camps, and special events are offered for all ages and skill levels.

Sammy's Swim School

Swim Lessons

Tadpole (Parent Child)

Age: 6 months-3 years with parent

This class emphasizes early water adjustment for the child with the parent by their side. It introduces beginner swim techniques through water activities and songs.


Age: 3-5 years old (without parent)

This class focuses on water adjustment to basic swimming skills mixed with fun water activities.

Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Youth Swim Lessons

Age: 5-12

Level 1: Jellyfish

Jellyfish focuses on gaining confidence in the water by introducing entry level water skills such as blowing bubbles, submersion of face and assisted floats, and kicking.

Level 2: Minnow

Minnow builds swimmer’s confidence in the water by working on kicking and unsupported floats. Unassisted freestyle & backstroke is taught and skills are developed including treading water.

Level 3: Frog

Swimmers focus on entering deep water with confidence, swimming freestyle and backstroke unassisted and introduction to breaststroke and butterfly kick.

Level 4: Turtle

Swimmers build endurance with the freestyle and backstroke and learn the breaststroke and butterfly.

Level 5: Dolphin

Swimmers are conditioned in all four strokes; freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly in addition to flip turns.

Private Pick & Swim Lessons

This lesson option offers private lessons at flexible times to fit your busy summer schedule. An assigned instructor will contact the family to schedule the dates and times of the lessons. Lessons are purchase in a 3-hour block which can be broken into six (6) 30-minute lessons or three (3) 1-hour lessons. The lessons are for one individual and not transferable.

Stroke Clinic

The stroke clinics are designed for swimmers who already have a strong foundation in the stroke. Advanced drills are introduced to put an emphasis on proper technique from kicking to body position. The week-long format allows the swimmer to focus on specific stroke.

  • Freestyle Clinic
  • Butterfly Clinic
  • Backstroke Clinic
  • Breaststroke Clinic


Little Jumpers Intro To Springboard Diving

Participants will learn the basics of springboard diving. Participants must be able to swim 15 yards and be comfortable in 12ft of deep water. No prior dive experience is necessary.

Diving Lessons

Diving Lessons

Diving Lessons

Intermediate/Advanced Springboard Diving

Participants will learn more advanced dives (front, back, reverse, inward and half-twist). Based on individual skill levels participants will be introduced to dives for competition-level diving. It is required to take the Intro to Springboard Diving prior to this class. Participants must be able to swim 15 yards and be comfortable in 12ft of deep water.

Summer Camps

Jr. Lifeguard Camp

Spend a week at Lions Park Pool learning the basics of lifeguarding including first aid, CPR, and in-water rescue techniques and much more. Jr. Guards will get a sneak peek to the importance of safety, teamwork and leadership skills needed to become a professional certified lifeguard. Participants must be able to swim 1 lap (25 yards) of Freestyle and be confident in 12-foot-deep water. Completion does not guarantee employment with Clarendon Hills Park District. Each participant receives a t-shirt.

Jr. Lifeguard Camp

Jr. Lifeguard Camp

Jr. Lifeguard Camp


Beach Volleyball


Beach Volleyball Camp

Take your game to the beach at Lions Park Pool. This week-long camp reviews the drills needed for passing, setting and serving off the court.


Water Polo Camp

Spend a week at Lions Park Pool learning the basics of water polo from skill development to game knowledge. Participants must be able to swim 15 yards and be comfortable in 12ft deep water and be able to tread water. Class will be held in 5’6″ lap lane and 12-foot dive well.

Water Polo

Fluid Running

Fluid Running has revolutionized fitness by bringing running to the deep water which eliminates the impact of land running while providing great cardiovascular and muscular benefits. The class is set to upbeat music lead by certified instructors to get you through a full body workout that gets the heart rate up and burns calories.

Fluid Running

Fluid Running

Fluid Running

Splash and Music with Miss Gretchen

Enjoy parent and tot time in the Splash Pad incorporating music while exploring the water. Tots will sing songs and rhymes along with instrument time. This is a great starter class for tots to have a love for the water. Dress for water play.

Summer’s Special Events

Float Nights

Enjoy the evening at Lions Park Pool floating on your favorite raft. Pool rules apply during this special night out. Daily admissions apply.

Float Nights


Cardboard Boat Regatta

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Grab your team and put your boat building skills to the test. All boats must be constructed using only cardboard and duct tape, minimal on-site assembly is available. Crews are timed as they paddle their vessels through the course in the main pool. Prizes awarded for “People’s Choice” and “Fastest Vessel”. All boat drivers must know how to swim or be properly fitted with a coast guard approved life jacket. Continental breakfast provided to teams.

Dad’s Day at the Pool

Dads, it’s your Day – what better way to celebrate than a visit to the pool? Come out for a splash of a time. Be ready for a Dads Only Cannonball contest followed by a water balloon toss. Daily admissions is complimentary for dads and granddads accompanied by a child.

Celebrate the 4th of July at the Pool

After the parades, head to the pool for family time celebrating the holiday with an afternoon filled with cannonball contests and water balloon toss. Daily admissions apply.

First 100 patrons will receive a miniature American flag.