Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about Park District programs?

The Park District issues three seasonal brochures which are mailed to all Clarendon Hills Park District residents. The Fall brochure (program dates September-December) is mailed the first week of August; the Winter/Spring brochure (program dates January-April) is mailed the third week of November; and the Summer brochure (program dates May-August) is mailed the third week of March. The brochures are also available on the website as a reference. The Park District utilizes our website, social media (Facebook) and Constant Contact as additional methods of promoting programs.

What do I need to do before I can register for program, rent a facility or purchase a Lions Park Pool Pass?

Every family or individual interested in participating in programs, renting a facility or purchasing a season pass must establish a “Household” through the Main Office. The process is simple, complete the Household Information Form (available at the Main Office) and return with proof of address to the Main Office by dropping it off or emailing to Once the Household is established in the system you will be able to register for programs. Online registration is an option for most programs. Pool passes may be renewed online, however facility rentals (Pavilion, Lions Park Pool, Community Center) cannot be processed online.

When can I begin registering for classes?

Resident registration for programs is in conjunction with the mailing of the brochure. Fall registration begins the first Monday in August, Winter/Spring begins the third Monday in November and Summer registration begins the third Monday of March. Registration begins at 9am and can be completed at the Main Office (315 Chicago Avenue) or online. Non-Resident registration begins one week after resident registration. See above concerning Household Information requirement.

Can I register for programs and pool passes online?

Yes and no. Once you have established a Household you can register for most recreation programs online (online registration closes a minimum of three days prior to the start of the class – some programs have earlier deadlines). Families or individuals who purchased a Season Pass the previous year, may renew the pass for the current year online – the initial purchase of passes is completed in person at the Main Office or at Lions Park Pool (during operating season).

NOTE: Households are established through the Main Office so in order to purchase a season pass at Lions Park Pool it is beneficial to have already set-up your Household at the Main Office. Processing Households at Lions Park Pool can be time-consuming, therefore we strongly encourage establishing your Household through the Main Office.

What forms of payment does the Clarendon Hills Park District accept?

The Park District accepts Cash, Check, VISA or Mastercard as payment for programs, facility rentals and pool passes. Online registration requires payment by VISA or Mastercard.

What information is available through “My Account” in the Registration System?

Once you have established your Household you can manage several areas online. When you establish your Household you are given a Username and Password for online access. Under the “My Account” tab you can review registration history, create a family program calendar, reprint receipts and reset your password.

When does the Clarendon Hills Park District Pool open?

The pool is a seasonal facility that opens Memorial Day weekend and closes on Labor Day. Please call the park district for more information at 630-323-2626.

What is the address and phone number for Lions Park District Pool?

The pool is a seasonal facility located at:

100 Byrd Court
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

The phone number is 630-325-1040.

The pool is open from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day.

How do I know if I am a resident of the Clarendon Hills Park District?

A Clarendon Hills Park District resident is someone who has their permanent residence within the Park District boundaries. The quickest way to determine your Park District resident status is to check your tax bill. The Park District you pay taxes to will be listed. You will need to provide proof of residency when you establish your Household. Families and individuals who live in unincorporated Clarendon Hills are considered non-residents for recreation programs and neighbors for pool passes.