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Terrific 3’s

The emphasis is on learning through play and socialization. Children become acquainted with a classroom environment where they will learn to listen and follow directions, take turns with other children and immerse themselves in both structured and unstructured learning opportunities through unique, fun and educational activities.

Preschool Classroom

Fabulous 4’s/Pre-K

Basic concepts are reviewed and reinforced through both structured and unstructured activities. Emphasis this year is on developing both the academic and social skills needed for entering Kindergarten in area school districts. Our program will stress the development of independence and academic skills through learning centers, socialization, cooperative and dramatic play.

Kinder-RichmentClarendon Hills Park District is pleased to announce a new enrichment program for 4’s and 5’s – aptly called Kinder-Richment. This program can be an extension of your child’s day whether in a Four Year Old preschool or a morning Kindergarten class or as an afternoon four year old preschool class. The curriculum is designed to enable children to continue to develop at their individual pace in a nurturing environment that encourages exploration. Come play and learn with us through play-based learning centers, music time, outdoor discovery and practice with Fundations – the phonics program used in the local school districts, and math skills. All the components of Kinder-Richment support a deeper connection to science, technology, engineering, art, as well as kindergarten academics.

Preschool Classroom

Meet The Teachers

Michelle Koegel (Miss Mickey)


Michelle Koegel (Miss Mickey)

Michelle Koegel “Miss Mickey” earned her bachelor’s degree in Education from Saint Xavier University. She has been in early childhood education over eighteen years and loves it! Michelle feels truly lucky to be part of Active Learners Preschool. Her role as preschool teacher allows her to take every day with her students as an opportunity to wonder, make connections and grow through guided and independent play. She enjoys gardening, walking and movie nights with her husband, 6 children and 3 grandchildren.

Gretchen Malitz (Miss Gretchen)


Gretchen Malitz (Miss Gretchen)

Hello! My name is Gretchen Malitz (Miss Gretchen), and I have been in the field of early childhood education since 2007. Having a Master’s degree in music has helped me program music for many local preschools, children’s centers and libraries.

In addition to teaching at Active Learners Preschool, I also sing for the Musical Me classes, the annual Prospect Park campfire event, Splash & Sing classes at Lions Park Pool, and am the Camp Director in the summer.

Each Monday we will have our special music time with instruments and lots of singing and guitar playing.

I hope that your children enjoy their preschool experience and develop a love for school and socializing with others.

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