Tennis Programs

RED BALL/Mighty Mites (4-5years) (5-6 years) (6-7 years)
The focus is on development of skills necessary to play tennis, such as movement patterns, hand-eye coordination and tracking as well as basic tennis skills progressing to learning rally and basic techniques.  These skills are taught through a variety of fun individual or team tennis games. 

ORANGE BALL/Little Aces (8-9 years)
Players are introduced to all shots and continue work on basic stroke development, footwork and rallying while incorporating match tactics.   

GREEN BALL/Big Aces (9-11 years)
Basic strokes, racquet skills and sending and receiving skills will be taught as well as footwork, position on court, scoring and match tactics.  Green balls on 90’ court

ADULT INTERMEDIATE (USTA 3.0-3.4 and below)/ADVANCED (USTA 3.5 and above) TENNIS
Players who have some experience and those looking to fine tune their game will advance their skills through stroke development, footwork and tactical drills.  Live point drills and games will be included to provide an energetic and fun experience.   These two drills are combined and will run as one drill.

This class is for the player with little or no experience.  We will focus on learning basic strokes with correct form and etiquette.  Structure of class will mostly consist of feeding drills to allow players to hit a lot of balls to improve strokes therefore it is an hour of great cardio work.  *Instructor reserves right to move students dependent on skill level.