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Prospect Park Playground

The Parks of Clarendon Hills Park District

The Clarendon Hills Park District has eight park sites totaling approximately 45 acres of recreation space.  Existing parks include:  Prospect, Hosek, Blackhawk, Park Avenue, Walker, Steeves, Kruml and the Lions Park Pool. Click to learn more about each park.


For a continuing solid base, approximately 3 to 5 days of sub 32 degree temperatures are required, your patience is appreciated. Misuse or Maintenance and Weather factors will determine if ice rinks are useable. "OPEN" signs will be displayed and the entrance gate will be unlocked when ice rinks are available. Lights are on a time "ENERGY SAVER" system and are available with the push of a button from dusk until 10:00pm. Rinks are not monitored and parents are responsible for supervising their children while using the rinks. Please read the "To Use Lights" and "Caution and Warning" sign at each rink.


The Clarendon Hills Park District is constantly striving to make our parks and facilities as safe as possible. When using either sled hill, please read the warning signs and exercise good judgment and common sense. The hills are not monitored, so parents are responsible for supervision of their children using the hill. Use the designated walkway on each of the hills to walk back up and always be aware of other sledders. Sledding and snowboarding are hazardous recreational activities, so please sled safely and wisely this winter. The sled hills always close at dusk.

Prospect Park

Located between Chicago Ave, Prospect,
Norfolk and Oxford Avenues, Clarendon Hills

Prospect Park Amenities

  • Clarendon Hills Park District Community Center23 acres
  • Clarendon Hills Park District Community Center (315 Chicago Avenue)
  • Administrative Office (315 Chicago Avenue)
  • Maintenance Garage (325 Chicago Avenue)
  • Paved Walking Path (approximately 0.5 mile using inner path - 1 mile including sidewalks)
  • Campfire Area with Counsel Ring (Handicap Accessible)
  • Playground (Handicap Accessible)
  • 4 Tennis Courts Lighted
  • Basketball CourtProspect Park Pavilion
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • Sled Hill
  • Baseball Fields (one lighted)
  • Softball Field
  • Batting Cages
  • Soccer Fields
  • Fishing Pond
  • Natural Prairie Area
  • Ice Skating Lighted
  • Picnic Pavilion

Hosek Park

Located between Ruby, Harris, Hudson
and Western Avenues, Clarendon Hills

Hosek Park Amenities

Hosek Park Softball Field
  • 9 acres
  • Playgrounds (Handicap Accessible)
  • 2 Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Court
  • Softball Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Ice Skating Lighted


Kruml Park

Located at 5624 Western Avenue, Clarendon Hills

Kruml Park Amenities

Kruml Park Playground


  • 2.4 acres
  • Playground (Handicap Accessible)
  • Soccer Field
  • Natural Wooded Area




Walker Park

Located behind Walker School,
120 Walker Avenue, Clarendon Hills

Walker Park Amenities

Walker Park Baseball Diamond


  • 1.4 Acres
  • Soccer Field
  • Baseball Field w/ drinking fountain
  • Batting Cages




Park Avenue Park

Located East of S. Richmond Avenue
on Park Avenue, Clarendon Hills

Park Avenue Park Amenities

Park Avenue Park Soccer Field
  • 5 Acres
  • Sled Hill
  • Soccer Field
  • T-Ball Field
  • Pavilion



Steeves Park

Located on the corner of Ann Street
and Eastern Avenue, Clarendon Hills

Steeves Park Amenities

Steeves Park Playground


  • 1.5 Acres
  • Soccer Field
  • Playground (Handicap Accessible)




Blackhawk Park

Located on Burlington Avenue
near Iroquois Drive, Clarendon Hills

Blackhawk Park Amenities

Blackhawk Half Basketball Court


  • 1/2 Acre
  • Basketball Court (Half Court)
  • Playground (Handicap Accessible)




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